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" A Grief Informed" Writing Workshop

Welcome to this 7-week writing workshop led by Advanced Grief Recovery Specialists and Mindfulness Practitioner Lisa Bruff.  Each week you will be led through a bite-sized piece of education on the topic of loss and how we communicate - followed by a writing prompt.  We will dive into topics such as what is grief, the myths of grief, our personal loss history and how we communicate within our personal relationships.  As we get to know each other there will be opportunities for us to share our writing with each other.

Writing can be an incredibly powerful tool to utilize as you move through loss and change. It can help process unconscious and conscious thoughts and lead to a peaceful release of emotional stress. 

Gaining clarity about how loss and grief have impacted whom you have become today can be an incredible journey of self-discovery. Telling your story and discovering who you are, as you face the unknown of tomorrow, can be a beautiful experience. Writing about loss and grief can improve your dialogue with yourself and with others, help you let go of pain and allow you to explore "Who you are, in this present moment." 

Who should take this course:

  • Those who recognize the importance of personal self-care.

  • Anyone who has wanted to better understand their life story through the lens of letting go of the past.

  • Anyone looking for an emotional outlet.

  • Life travellers who want to get to know themselves better.

  • Anybody looking for better communication skills when experiencing loss and change.

  • People leaders wanting to be better educated about loss and their personal reaction to it.

How does it work?


Upon enrollment, you will receive access to our learning platform - where you will log in each week to join a zoom call. Note that the amount you write each week is also at your discretion. Sometimes you will go away and write a 500-word essay and other times it will be one powerful line that changes your life.

Bruff and Associates are educational consultants and the tools offered here are intended to provide participants with information that can lead to emotional and spiritual growth. This workshop is a guided journal writing experience and should not be used in replacement of any counselling or doctor-led treatments.  It is really intended to be a safe place to learn from each other.

Date and Time

January 25th - March 8th (Tuesdays) 7:00pm - 8:00pm EST

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Lisa Bruff

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