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​Online Loss Discovery

 1-1 Personal Workshop

“We can’t acknowledge what we can’t talk about.”

While saving for retirement is an important topic, it’s at least as important as what comes next - your plan of action once you enter retirement. No matter how well you save during the accumulation phase, it’s critical to plan how you convert those assets to a life after retirement.  No matter how large your investment portfolio you are likely going to experience some very personal losses at retirement. Loss of identity, meaning, and territorial belong - just to name a few.

This 10 Week Program’s design gives individuals a private online space to work through their loss history, thereby discovering the things that keep them from being emotionally complete.    


This workshop is not counselling. It is an educational workshop leading participants through their loss history allowing for time to focus on one relationship and provides the evidence-based tools to take on other relationships.

Come prepared to talk about ...

  • The value of mindfulness 

  • What change and grief are

  • The inadvertently passed on bits of “misinformation” we learned as children about dealing with change and loss; resulting in 'lead by example' challenges

  • The six myths of grief

  • Discuss the deep-seated basic human needs—for identity, purpose, meaning, and territorial belonging

  • The losses you have experienced in your lifetime

  • And write what has been left uncommunicated

This program is an online workshop format and is spaced over 10 weeks at approximately 1 hour per week. It can be adjusted to a 5-week program - twice a week upon special request. There will be a small amount of homework for some sessions used to share your experience.

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Lisa Bruff CRM CIP CMC

  • LinkedIn

Lisa has 20+ years in the Insurance and Financial Services Industry, with experience in commercial sales, operations, and data analytics.


  She is also a CIP Instructor, a Mindfulness Practitioner, and an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist. 


Bill AuCoin

  • LinkedIn

Bill has 20+ years in the Emergency Medical Services Industry with experience in education and clinical oversight, operations, human resource management and corporate/legislative policy development.


He is also an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist and Trauma Informed.

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