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​Grief Recovery Method 1-1 Advanced Alumni Session

“We can’t acknowledge what we can’t talk about.”

This session is designed to give individuals a private online space to review and update their loss history graph and work through non-tangible relationships.     


This workshop is not counselling. It is an educational workshop leading participants allowing for time to focus on one relationship and provides the evidence-based tools to take on other relationships.

Come prepared to review ...

  • The losses you have experienced in your lifetime

  • ​And write about what has been left unsaid

This program is open to anyone who has attended one of your 7-week Programs; or a one-on-one individual program. You must have successfully completed all aspects of the program you attended, including the Completion Letter.

The only other requirement is that you have completed 3-4 personal relationships and are familiar enough with the process to now work on the non-tangible relationships that you wish to complete. For example your career, your relationship with menopause, etc


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Lisa Bruff CRM CIP CMC

  • LinkedIn

Lisa has 20+ years in the Insurance and Financial Services Industry, with experience in commercial sales, operations, and data analytics.


  She is also a CIP Instructor, a Mindfulness Practitioner, and an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist. 


Bill AuCoin

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Bill has 20+ years in the Emergency Medical Services Industry with experience in education and clinical oversight, operations, human resource management and corporate/legislative policy development.


He is also an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist and Trauma Informed.

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