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The Language of Loss Workshop

“We can’t acknowledge what we can’t talk about.”


Imagine a world where we had the language to express our natural emotional response to loss and change, a language that was understood by our family and peers and a culture that made it safe for us to speak it.

In this 60-minute presentation come prepared to review ...

  • What grief is and what it is not.

  • Types of grief

  • Unresolved Grief

  • Six major myths of Grief

  • Our basic human needs for identity, purpose, meaning and territorial belonging.

  • Understanding the concepts of undelivered communication

  • Three steps to effective conversation

  • The value of our own personal work

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Lisa Bruff CRM CIP CMC

  • LinkedIn

Lisa has 20+ years in the Insurance and Financial Services Industry, with experience in client relationship management, operations, and data analytics.


  She is also a CIP Instructor, a Mindfulness Practitioner, and an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist.


Bill AuCoin

  • LinkedIn

Bill has 20+ years in the Emergency Medical Services Industry with experience in education and clinical oversight, operations, human resource management and corporate/legislative policy development.


He is also an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist and Trauma Informed.


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