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Our Services

After more than 20+ years in the Insurance and Financial Services Industry, I've developed a passion for ensuring we get the coverage right.   I have encountered countless new agents and brokers who struggle to communicate with clients - especially during prospecting and after a claim. These conversations impact their confidence and their relationships. I'm here to help.  Our team will work with you and your staff with a wide variety of training from licensing, to communication, to sales and servicing skills. All our services include an online offering. Contact us for a free consultation.

General Licensing

Assist new/existing staff in training to complete required licensing courses. Coaching is available for Level I, II and III licensing in Atlantic Canada.

Time Management Training

Assist employees with utilizing their available time to organize and follow a systematic method of prioritizing tasks to complete work within given deadlines.

The Language of Loss 

"A Client Perspective"

This training focuses on the perspective of an insurance intermediary - by giving them the language to communicate with clients as they experience loss, whether that be a property claim, disability or death claim. 

Employee Development

Creating a personalized program and process for continuous learning to enhance knowledge and client experience

Relationship Building Workshop

Providing employees with four key strategies that instill the value of honest communication and the danger of taking the actions of others personally.  We explore what happens when we assume we know the full story and what it means to be our best self.

Menopause in the Workplace

This service is currently available as a one-on-one coaching session for women working and dealing with the effects of menopause in the workplace.

What Our Clients Say


Shane Kennedy - Financial Advisor

I had the opportunity to recently work with Lisa during my studies for Level II General Licensing.  She was a consummate professional, made the learning fun/interactive & was warm and welcoming, making me feel she was as invested as we were in a successful outcome.  Having recently started in the insurance business I was told (by others) that a successful pass would be highly unlikely, and I am proud to say we beat this statistic and I credit much of this to Lisa and her work guiding us through the learning- HIGHLY Recommend Lisa

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