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Meet The Team

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Lisa Bruff

Lead Consultant

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Welcome to Bruff and Associates, I am Lisa, and ​I am motivated by a desire to build relationships and create community.  I get inspired in a classroom, boardroom or cafe, anywhere that people are engaged in learning and exploring the possibilities before them.​

​I have 25 years of insurance industry experience in roles such as client relationship management, sales, and corporate consulting. My specialty is assisting individuals and organizations with the, often undelivered, communication experienced during a loss or change. As an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist, I have a unique perspective on the role of communication through change.

​I am a content creator, facilitator and consultant who aspires to work with authentic and transparent people in search of development and collaboration.

​I love a virtual tea and great conversation.  Drop me a message for a free consultation if you have questions. ​


Bill Aucoin

Associate Consultant

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I am passionate about personal growth and assisting others in achieving their full potential. With over 20 years of experience in the emergency services industry, I have developed a unique understanding of how people react in times of grief and loss. Through roles that have included education and clinical oversight, operations and human resource management, and corporate and legislative policy development, I have gained a thorough understanding of critical factors responsible for the growth and flexibility of successful businesses.

Today, I am an Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist who desires to share my journey and help others identify, write and communicate their personal experience with change.


I look forward to sharing my experience with you and, hopefully, learning from yours in return. Please reach out for a virtual coffee to discuss if any of our programs or workshops may be right for you.

Bill's Bio
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