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Online One-on-One
Personal Loss Discovery Workshop

From the comfort of your home, we offer this safe place, online, to discuss loss and change

Contemplating at Work

“We can’t acknowledge what we can’t talk about.”

This 7-session program’s design gives individuals a private online space to work through their loss history, thereby discovering the things that keep them from being emotionally complete.    
This workshop is not counselling. It is an educational workshop leading participants through their personal loss history.  It will use evidence-based tools to explore tangible and intangible losses.

Come prepared to ...

  • Review key definitions such as loss, change, grief, etc

  • Discuss common myths and misinformation about grief and loss recovery

  • Discuss the importance of taking responsibility

  • Compare effective and ineffective coping mechanisms 

  • Review types of Loss

  • Find solutions to overcome the influences of past experience

  • Outline and share personal experiences with change and loss

  • Discuss unresolved relationships

  • Complete a guided writing exercise 

  • Discuss your future agreements

This program is an online workshop format and is spaced over seven sessions, at approximately 1 hour per session. Note: there is a minimum of 2 days required between sessions.


* There will be a small amount of homework for some sessions - used to share your experience.


Bill has 20+ years in the Emergency Medical Services Industry with experience in education and clinical oversight, operations, human resource management and corporate/legislative policy development.


He is an Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialists® and Everything DiSC®  Authorized Partner.

Bill AuCoin

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