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Get to Know Your Partner

Hello there! We are Bill AuCoin and Lisa Bruff, and we are here to share our story and how Everything Disc Agile EQ has played a significant role in our relationship. As a couple who met in our 50s, we brought a lifetime of experiences to our partnership. These experiences shaped us into the people we are today and continue influencing our relationships. Despite life's every day challenges, we make a great team, and we work on our bond every day.

One of the tools that has been instrumental in our relationship journey is Everything Disc Agile EQ. We love and trust this tool so much that we both became Authorized Partners in 2022. But why do we love it so much, and how can it help other couples navigate their relationships? 

Everything Disc Agile EQ: What It Is

Everything Disc Agile EQ is a tool that helps individuals understand their emotional responses in various situations. It is not just about knowing your emotions but also understanding how to navigate them to achieve the best possible outcomes. This tool is based on the Disc model which focuses on four primary personality traits: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness.

How It Works

The first step to using Everything Disc Agile EQ is to complete an assessment. This assessment speak to your emotional intelligence and how you react to different scenarios. But this is just the beginning. Each couple must be willing to dive into their own report before comparing themselves to others. This introspection is crucial for understanding your emotional behaviour and how you can become more flexible. Once you complete the assessment, you will be registered with an online tool. This tool allows you to download your report and compare it to others who have also completed their report. This comparison is not about competition or seeing who has 'better' emotional intelligence. Instead, it is about understanding different emotional behaviours and learning how to interact with various personality types.

The Impact on Our Relationship

Using Everything Disc Agile EQ has had a profound impact on our relationship. It has allowed us to better understand our emotional responses and how they affect our interactions. For instance, we've learned when to give each other space and when to provide comfort. We've also learned how to communicate more effectively, understanding that sometimes, it's not about what we say but how we say it.

Moreover, Everything Disc Agile EQ has taught us to appreciate our differences. Instead of seeing our contrasting emotional behaviours as a source of conflict, we see them as strengths. We understand that our different responses to situations give us a more comprehensive perspective on things, helping us make better decisions as a team.

Building a solid and healthy relationship is a daily commitment. It requires understanding, patience, and emotional intelligence. Tools like Everything Disc Agile EQ can make this journey easier by providing insight into our emotional behaviours and how we can navigate them for better outcomes.

In our case, Everything Disc Agile EQ has helped us understand each other better and brought us closer. It is not the only tool we have used; we can talk more about that another day. However, it is a great starting point, and it can do the same for other couples willing to take the journey of self-discovery and growth.

Remember, the goal is not to change who you are but to understand who you are and how you can use this understanding to enhance your relationship. 

Happy exploring! We invite you to contact us for a free consultation to discuss whether this tool is right for you.

Or, you can also visit our learning platform to learn more and see a sample assessment.

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