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The most outstanding leaders are ones prepared to do their own personal work.


How can we be expected to deal with conflict or change when so much of your own is unresolved?

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Loss Discovery Workshop

“We can’t acknowledge what we can’t talk about.”

This program’s design gives leaders a private online space to work through their personal  and professional loss history. This process helps your discover the things that keep them from being your most complete self, and enhances your skills for communicating with others during loss and change.  Research indicates that happiness, productivity and adaptability to change, are all linked to a growth mindset. The most significant barrier to that growth mindset, in our experience, is how present our past is.  
Believe it or not, our personal and professional lives interact and often impact each other. A leader's inclination towards control may be a natural response during loss or change, but it risks shutting off awareness of their feelings and emotional needs, and subsequently those of others. A first step towards being a more empathetic leader is to create time and space for self-connection and self-awareness.​
This workshop is not counselling, it is led by an Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist who will begin with bite-sized learning activities that will gently guide you towards identifying and writing your personal experience with loss and change. It is an educational workshop leading participants through reflection on their life's changes, allowing for time to focus on individual relationships associated with major life events and providing the evidence-based tools to take on other relationships.

Come prepared to ...

  • Review key definitions such as loss, change, grief, etc

  • Discuss common myths and misinformation about grief and loss recovery

  • Discuss the importance of taking responsibility

  • Compare effective and ineffective coping mechanisms both at home and in the workplace

  • Review types of Loss

  • Find solutions to overcome the influences of past experiences

  • Outline and share personal and career experiences with change and loss

  • Discuss unresolved relationships

  • Complete guided writing exercises

  • Discuss your future agreements

This program is an online workshop format and is spaced over nine sessions, at approximately 1 hour per session. Note: there is a minimum of 2 days required between sessions.


* There will be a small amount of homework for some sessions - used to share your experience.


Bill AuCoin

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Bill has 20+ years in the Emergency Medical Services Industry with experience in education and clinical oversight, operations, human resource management and corporate/legislative policy development.


He is also an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist and Trauma Informed.

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