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Insurance Agent

From Selling to Serving 

The Life Insurance Client

As a Life Insurance Agent, you are generally the first person to speak to a client after a loss.

Do you know what to say?

“We can’t acknowledge what we can’t talk about.”

Moments such as these define a business, their values and how they will be perceived by their communities. 

It turns out selling a life insurance policy is the easy part. Talking to a bereaved beneficiary is another story.

Come prepared to talk about ...

  • The prospect and the process of relating to others - your real product.

  • The role of empathy

  • The value of honouring your agreement by understanding ...

    • What grief is

    • The six myths of grief

    • The danger of expecting people to grieve in stages

    • A caring conversation

    • Benefits of listening

    • Do's and Don't when communicating to a griever

    • The importance of community - the advisor's role

Facilitated by:

lisa new3.jpg

Lisa Bruff CRM CIP CMC

  • LinkedIn

Lisa has 20+ years in the Insurance and Financial Services Industry, with experience in sales, operations, client relationship management and data analytics.


  She is also a CIP Instructor, a Mindfulness Practitioner, and an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist. 

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